March End Of The Month Update

Hello, friends and readers! It’s been a long time!

March was a rough month for me. I was solo parenting for most of it, as Hubs was on a business trip, and I got the flu which turned into acute sinusitis. Super fun. Needless to say, I did not get much writing or reading done. If you noticed that I did not write blogs regarding The Blood Spell, our March read-along, that was no coincidence. Because of the aforementioned factors, I was unable to finish it. What I did manage to read before the you-know-what hit the proverbial fan, I enjoyed, and I plan to finish it one day.

Let’s look forward to April. New book, new goals for writing, my birthday, seasonal allergies. Okay, that last one sucks. But yay for everything else!

I am one chapter away from being finished with rewrites for my book! This is super exciting and I can send it out for critique when I am done. A more detailed update on my writing is in my newsletter than goes out April 2nd. If you aren’t signed up, the link it on my home page! My newsletter also contains information about my April read-along selection, so if you want a great book recommendation for next month, make sure you subscribe today!

I hope March was kind to all of you, and you’re looking forward to April and spring.

Love, HayHay

March 2019 Newsletter

Hello, everyone. Just a reminder that the March 2019 newsletter went out today. If you’re a subscriber, check your email!

We are going to start our Fantasy Read-Along for “The Blood Spell” by CJ Redwine on Monday, March 4th. I’ll remind everyone to start reading via my Instagram and Insta Stories. I will post a mid-month prompt/question, and a wrap-up prompt at the end of the month. I encourage you to read at your own pace. There is no set number of chapters you need to read every week. You can read one chapter, or ten. I want these read-alongs to be fun and casual, not stressful or to feel like homework. I, personally, try to read a chapter per day, so if you want to truly read along with me, that is my plan.

The mid-month post and wrap-up post will take place on Instagram, but it will automatically post to Facebook, too, so don’t worry if you don’t have Instagram. I will also write a blog mid-month, and a final thoughts blog in case you don’t have any social media at all. I’m super excited to read this awesome book with you guys!

Thank you all for bearing with me as I work out the bugs in my newsletter and Fantasy Read-Along. I’m always open to ways I can improve both to make them more accessible and fun for you, my lovely readers and friends. Shoot me a DM if you have any suggestions for improvement!

I’ll see you all mid-month! Happy reading!

Newsletter Coming Soon!

Hello, everybody!

How’s everyone’s week going? Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am. It isn’t supposed to rain Friday and Saturday! I mean, it’s Illinois, so it’s going to be freezing, but at least it won’t rain. It’s been so cold and gray here lately. I have a hard time with gray, rainy seasons. How about you?

And now for something completely different. Something exciting I have planned to launch within the month is my newsletter! *Que bells and whistles*

You really should sign up for my newsletter. It’s going to have lots of fun content. Exclusive content. Content you can’t get anywhere else on the interwebz.

What content is this, Haylie? Why do you keep saying content?

Well, for starters, I’ll have updates on my writing and publication journey.

But Haylie, can’t we just read your blog for updates?

Well, you can, but remember how I said the content was EXCLUSIVE?! This blog is shifting gears. I’ll be featuring current reads, current mood, current distractions, etc. But the really good stuff, the “in the know” stuff, will be in my newsletter.

Also: Read-alongs!

Yes, my newsletter will feature bi-monthly read-alongs! Have you ever wanted to read books with your favorite author? That author being me, of course. Well, let’s read together! Every other month, I’ll select a book based on recommendations you guys give to me on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll read the book together (a few chapters a week), and at the end of the two months, we’ll have a huge book-wrapup on my social media where we can geek out, talk about our favorite characters, moments, plot twists, etc. It’s going to be so so so much fun!

Also also: Chapter sneak peeks!

Only my newsletter subscribers will get exclusive sneak peeks at my upcoming WIP’s. Want to know what happens before anybody else? Want to read spoilers and brag smugly to all your friends? You better sign up for my newsletter.

Also also also (do you sense a Monty Python thing going on here? I sure am.): SWAG!

Only newsletter subscribers will be eligible to win signed copies and ARC’s. Heck yes!

This sounds fabulous, Haylie! Sign me up!

Hold your horses, buckeroo. The Most Newslettery Newsletter To Ever News Or Letter isn’t live yet. I’ve gotta build hype. People in the publishing industry are all about The Hype.

BUT you can help me build The Hype.

How, Haylie? What can we little ol’ blog readers do?

Well, for starters, you can follow me on social media. Links are at the bottom of the page. You can share my newsletter related posts in your status updates and stories. You can get everybody you know on your social media channels excited. You can spread the love near and far!

I’ll be doing a newsletter launch giveaway on Instagram. You’re going to want to be involved. Your friends are going to want to be involved. You mom will want to be involved. My mom won’t be involved, because she isn’t on Instagram. Sorry, Mom.

So, come on, faithful blog readers! Let’s build The Hype!

I’ll update you guys when we’re going to go live, and look out for the giveaway on Instagram.


Under Construction


As some may have noticed, my website is currently undergoing some changes. Much of my old content has been or is being cleared out to make way for better, fresher, shinier, awesomer content.

You can still visit this website while construction is happening! My goal is to blog a few times a week now that we’ve gotten through the massive content dump. Things may start to look a little different, so if it’s confusing, comment in the blog, or DM on social media! My goal is to get things up and running smoothly very soon, but until that time, some things may be lost or shuffled.

Have a lovely weekend, people!