March End Of The Month Update

Hello, friends and readers! It’s been a long time!

March was a rough month for me. I was solo parenting for most of it, as Hubs was on a business trip, and I got the flu which turned into acute sinusitis. Super fun. Needless to say, I did not get much writing or reading done. If you noticed that I did not write blogs regarding The Blood Spell, our March read-along, that was no coincidence. Because of the aforementioned factors, I was unable to finish it. What I did manage to read before the you-know-what hit the proverbial fan, I enjoyed, and I plan to finish it one day.

Let’s look forward to April. New book, new goals for writing, my birthday, seasonal allergies. Okay, that last one sucks. But yay for everything else!

I am one chapter away from being finished with rewrites for my book! This is super exciting and I can send it out for critique when I am done. A more detailed update on my writing is in my newsletter than goes out April 2nd. If you aren’t signed up, the link it on my home page! My newsletter also contains information about my April read-along selection, so if you want a great book recommendation for next month, make sure you subscribe today!

I hope March was kind to all of you, and you’re looking forward to April and spring.

Love, HayHay

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